Get ready for our biggest announcement ever… Fionnbhrú Festival is back 🔥💃🚀

The news you all have been waiting for ‼️🚨. We are hosting our very own festival for all ages, Saturday, 7th September 🗓️

Full info is coming very soon – sign up via the link below for first access to tickets/more information ℹ️

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The Gaelic Games Associations are thrilled to introduce our Go Games Referee Online Course, specifically tailored to empower new referees in officiating at underage levels during non-competitive Go Games, spanning from Go Games up to and including Under 12. This self-paced module, which can be completed from the comfort of your own home, provides fundamental refereeing skills and a comprehensive understanding of the Go Games rules governing Gaelic football, Ladies football, Hurling, and Camogie.


Without referees we cannot have games. The aim of this Go Games Referee Course is to help new referees officiate at underage levels in non-competitive Go Games up to and including Under 12 by:

  • Outlining the roles and responsibilities of referees
  • Assisting referees with understanding the Go Games rules of our games of Gaelic football, Ladies football, hurling, and camogie.
  • Developing the fundamental skills of refereeing
  • Illustrating the Go Games philosophy and ethos


In conjunction with this initiative, we are excited to highlight the upcoming Gaelic Games Go Games weeks, scheduled from the 19th to the 28th of April. This extended period is a celebration of all Gaelic Games codes—Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football, and Ladies Football. It presents an ideal opportunity for all Clubs, Counties, and Provinces to actively engage and celebrate the Go Games program. Throughout these weeks, events, both big and small, will be organized to showcase the significance of the Go Games initiative within respective counties.


The upcoming Gaelic Games Go Games weeks, scheduled from the 19th to the 28th of April, provide a valuable opportunity for volunteers to showcase the knowledge they have acquired. Utilizing the insights gained from the Go Games Coaching Workshop and the Go Games Referees Workshop, volunteers can enhance the experience of children participating in Go Games. This period is not just a celebration of Gaelic Games but also an occasion for dedicated individuals to contribute their expertise, ultimately enriching the overall experience for young players.


Please access the Go Games Referee Online Course using the following link: Go Games Referee Online Course

Did you have a ball 🪩 at the Halloween Disco/Parents night?

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🔴⚪️ Fionnbhrú Festival 🔴⚪️

Lights, camera, action. Tickets are now LIVE for our Fionnbhrú Festival in our clubhouse on Sat, 9th Sept.

That’s right, you can grab your ticket for one of the most epic days of the year, right now.

Spread the word, rally your crew, and let’s make this one to remember!

Tickets are available via the link below:

We are delighted to announce that Whitehall Colmcille has been selected as the featured Dublin club on Up For The Match preview show on RTÉ for this Sundays all Ireland clash between Dublin v Kerry 🙌🏻

It will take place in the clubhouse grounds (puck lane car park) on Saturday 29th of July. We are asking those wishing to attend in the club to arrive for 9pm. There will be live music with Billy Treacy also🙌🏻

We look forward to seeing you all and our club represented on the national broadcaster💪🏻

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