Executive Committee 2019 – 2020

Fran Hughes Honorary President
Niall Sheridan Chairman
Kevin Connolly Treasurer
Derek Murtagh Secretary
James Cobbe Club Captain
Bernard Connolly
Ray Broe

Noel Hutchinson

Players Code of Conduct

Play The Game

Dress Code: All players shall wear the team jersey, black trousers and footwear when representing the club.

Respect the game of darts and play within the laws of the game.

Always do your best and be committed to the game, your team and your club.

Be a ‘good sport’. Applaud all good play whether by your team or the opposition.

Respect your opponent. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. Do not ‘bully’ or

take advantage of any player.

At the end of the match thank your opponents for the match.

As part of the team it is important that you attend regularly and support your teammates, whether you are selected or not.

Remember you are representing your team, club, family and the darts community. Winning and losing is part of sport: Win with humility – lose with dignity.



Social Media/What’s App, etc

All members are subject to the Code of Conduct when online, even when they are not acting on behalf of the club. You are responsible for your actions but remember that those actions may have consequences for both you and the club.

We expect the following standards to be adhered to by our members when posting material online:

Do not post or share material which is violent, sexually explicit, obscene, hateful, or defamatory.

Do not engage in trolling, bullying, or abusive activity.

Do not engage in the disparagement of any race, ethnicity or religion.

Always respect the club’s values.


Disputes & Disciplinary

Failure to abide by the code of conduct set out above may lead to sanctions, to be determined by social media admins and/or club committee. Such sanctions may range from temporary or permanent removal from social media groups up to permanent expulsion from the club.

Disputes between members shall not be conducted on open forum. Any issues between members should be brought to the committee.

Committee decisions on all matters are final and there is no right to appeal