WCC vs D-Kube   21/03/2019

*** Friday, April 5th ***

Whitehall Colmcille is proudly supporting St Aidans CBS - Tanzania Immersion Project 2019

Some of the fittest & finest ever to come out of Whitehall Colmcille are pitting their skills against the Kube in aid of our friends in St Aidans Cbs. These are O'Cuileann Be, Alan Tyrrell, Tony O Sullivan, Tony O'Sullivan jnr, Patrick Moloney, Cathal Ryan, Niall O'Donnell & Celine Darcy. They will all be competing against the staff & students of St Aidans.

Promises to be a fantastic night, only three Fridays left...April 5th is only around the corner & tickets are selling fast................

Whitehall GAA Club Contestants


Cathal Ryan - Past Pupil, St. Aidan’s C.B.S

Local favourite Cathal has gone from Junior B Zero to Senior Dual star hero. He puts this transformation down to the realisation that all he had to do was stop eating biscuits and actually run. But will he be like a ‘Bull’ in a china shop when he enters D Kube? His number one fan, Gerry, thinks he’s far superior to the opposition.


Niall O’Donnell (Past Pupil/Immersion Team 2009)

If this was a beauty contest, there would only be one winner. Another local favourite who takes extraordinary pride in the Whitehall jersey - and the tighter it fits the better. Slightly prone to the odd injury though - will he be fit and able for the rough and tumble of D Kube?



Celine Darcy - Whitehall GAA Club

Ticks so many boxes for D Kube. Captain of the senior ladies’ football team so won’t be lacking in big game temperament. Works in insurance so perfectly understands risk and reward. She has St Aidan’s and Immersion blood in the family. A commanding full back, her former manager feels she should be ‘left-back’ in the dressing room, but will he be eating his words come the end of the night!


Tony O'Sullivan Jnr - Past Pupil, St. Aidan’s C.B.S
The last time Tony took part in an Immersion fundraising event it was ‘Take me Out’ and this charmer left the stage an undoubted winner with 3 lovely ladies on his arm. Can he repeat those heroics this time in the same location? He’s got local support, he’s a brilliant sportsman - has to be one of the clear favourites


Tony O’Sullivan Snr - School Caretaker, St. Aidan’s C.B.S.

A man known for loving some of life’s simple pleasures; family, ladies football and Bulmer’s Original Cider. Will he be able to put fatherly love aside when pitted against his Junior namesake in D Kube? In St Aidan’s he is renowned for being able to fix anything, let’s see how handy he is under pressure in the arena.



Brian Cullen - Chairman, Whitehall GAA Club

As local club chairman and member of An Garda Siochana, if Mr Cullen walks away with the honours there will be screams of venality. Beano was known to be as loose with the hurl as he was with the baton in his playing days, but will he be able to arrest his natural instincts and show the discipline required for D Kube?

Alan Tyrell - Head of Fundraising, Whitehall GAA Club

No contestant will be more comfortable in the limelight on April 5th. The Michelangelo of Whitehall has the big night temperament to tame D Kube, but only if he plays his cards right. With a strong fundraising and bingo-calling background, the event and the location are made for Tiddler himself.

Can he deliver?


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